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Counter-Strike 1.6 clan
Lethal Clan's Server Rules
1. Players are not permitted under any condition to use, test, deploy or
distribute any game cheats.
2. This server runs an amxmodx plugin for sounds (type in a key that will
play a sound byte). We are adults and some if not most of these sound bytes
are rated R, and can be considered Racial, Ethnic, Religious and or Sexist.
We do have younger children playing in the server and if we are aware of
minors we ask to not use the offensive sounds. The sounds will not play
unless they have been downloaded
3. Do Not sound byte spam
4. Swearing is permitted in this server except when minors are in game
5. No inappropriate sprays i.e. porn, nudity etc.etc. using these types of
sprays, you will be instantly permanently banned.
6. Lethal clan is setup for fun and game play against bots. We don't want
to hear how stupid you think
playing against bots is, you don't like it, find another server to play on.
7. No spamming advertisements, other server ip's etc. if your config.cfg
file gets manipulated while server hopping, its your responsibility to fix
it b4 coming into ours (we will be glad to aid in fixing your).
8. NO ONE is allowed to join the bot side, from time to time we will
remove the bots and play vs. and there is a Lethal PvP server.
9. Players may never launch verbal attacks against other players, or clan
members, doing so may lead to getting kicked and or permanently banned.
10. No extensive chat on the mic or playing of music over your mic have
respect for other players and realize they are there to play the game not
listen to you.
11. Do Not boss players around as they may not play at your level and or
know the current map.
12. When playing in verses mode do not spray your kills or "tea bagging"
dead bodies, this is disrespectful and will not be tolerated.
13. Play the maps as they were intended. This includes not killing
hostages, planting the bomb if you have it (Do Not throw it down at spawn),
rescuing the hostages, and diffusing the bomb. Maps are made with
objectives. Complete them.
14. Camping - Tactical camping is part of playing the game. But do not
waste our time by, for example, being a CT, camping spawn on a hostage map.
15. Friendly Fire is always off. It may be turned on for VS mode, when it
is on, deliberate Team Kills and Team Attacks are bannable offenses.
16. Your computer and your Steam account are your responsibility. If
someone else used your account to do something that caused it to be banned,
then do not complain to us. We are not responsible for what your brother,
cousin, friend, etc did with your account. Only you are!
17. Respect the admins and the other players as it says above. If an admin
asks you to do something and you ignore it, expect to get kicked and if
you come back in and complain about it, expect to be banned.
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